Admission Procedure

Only those students who show respect in attitude and behavior for the Word of God, maintain a reverent attitude toward that which is spiritual, agree to abide by the policies and standards of the Academy, and conduct themselves in harmony with the standards of Christian education as upheld by the Seventh-day Adventist Church should apply for admission to Fletcher Academy. Students in grades nine through twelve who demonstrate a definite interest and commitment to receiving a Christian education and pledge to support the mission, values, beliefs, philosophy, and objectives of Fletcher will be considered for admission. It is expected that the parent or guardian of the applicant will encourage the student to keep school policies and standards at all times to ensure that the student’s conduct corresponds to the spirit of the institution.

Applications are considered complete when the following items have been submitted via the online application process:

Link to Online Applications

  • Completed online application form including nonrefundable application fee of $40 for domestic students ($150 for international students).
  • A current (within one year prior to enrollment) physical examination form filled out by a physician for all transfer students and freshmen.
  • A complete immunization record furnished by a physician or health department (required by State of NC).
  • Evidence of having completed 8th grade or a complete transcript of past credits earned in other secondary schools.
  • Students applying for senior year must submit official transcripts prior to acceptance. Unofficial transcripts should be submitted with the application.
  • Copy of the birth certificate.
  • Recommendations submitted electronically by three references (Principal, English and Math teacher).
  • Financial Agreement Form.
  • Signed Medical Consent form with copy of insurance card. Those who choose not to carry personal medical coverage assume full responsibility for their student's medical bills.

When the online application is complete, the Admissions Committee will review the application. A letter will be sent to the student and a copy to the parents indicating the committee's decision. Students must receive a Letter of Acceptance before arriving on campus for school or work. Fletcher Academy reserves the right to interview any applicant before accepting him/her as a student at FA. You may check on the status of your application via the online application portal.

Late Enrollment
  • Students who apply after the third week of the semester will not be accepted without transfer grades.
  • Those who enroll after Registration Day will be charged a $80.00 late registration fee.
  • Late Registration will not take place on the first day of school. Late registrants must wait until the second day of the school year.
Fletcher Academy Applicants should note Fletcher Academy operates under the principles of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Consequently there are policies and practices that are unique to Fletcher Academy.

  • For each year in attendance, students must take one year of a scripturally - oriented religion course.
  • All dormitory students are required to attend daily worships in the dormitories, and all students are required to attend weekly chapel services.
  • All dormitory students are required to attend the weekend religious services when on campus.
  • All meals served are vegetarian.
  • Students are not permitted to bring meat or caffeine drinks on campus.
  • Possession and/or use of tobacco and/or alcohol are strictly forbidden by our students - on or off campus.
  • Music, dress, games or other materials that perpetuate violence, drugs, occult themes, sex, immoral conduct, or gang association are strictly prohibited.

* Fletcher Academy will interview all non-Seventh-day Adventist applicants prior to full acceptance to determine if Fletcher Academy meets the needs of the applicant.

Our Vision

Fletcher Academy, an independent college preparatory high school founded in 1910, exists to provide a distinctly Seventh-day Adventist education where spiritual development is bolstered with academic rigor, work skills, and character development that challenges our graduates to have a transforming influence in their world as disciples of Jesus.

Our Mission

"Educating for Eternity," Fletcher Academy is dedicated to providing our students with:

  • Spiritual experiences to enable them to become disciples of Jesus.
  • Academic experiences to prepare them for college and career.
  • Service experiences to train them to be productive workers and caring citizens.

Our Goals

Fletcher students will develop a life-long friendship with Jesus Christ and fellow-disciples.
Fletcher students will develop their ability to interrelate with others and to serve others.
Fletcher students will be recognized for academic excellence by preparing all of our students for college and career opportunities.
Fletcher students will learn the skills, values, dignity and rewards of work.
Fletcher students will progress in developing Christian qualities.
Fletcher students will follow plans to positively impact their health and wellness for life.
Fletcher students will be noticeably happy, emotionally stable, and confident.

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