Fletcher Academy School Song

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Verse 1

Down in the southern mountains
Where the French Broad flows,
In the hills of North Carolina
Where the Laurel grows;
Ther’s a school where lads and lassies
Come from far and near,
Ther’s a school of closest friendship
that we all hold dear.


School of the mountains,
School of standards high,
Ideals and courage
Faith and loyalty.
School of the mountains
School of standards high;
Fletcher Academy Fletcher, Our School!

Verse 2

Where Couch Mount reaches upward
to the starry blue,
With its trails of wondrous beauty
Winding through and through,
Where we work and play and study
Doing well our part,
There is warmth and joy and gladness
in each youthful heart.

Verse 3

At our White Oak Park in summer
There in games we drill,
And in winter we go coasting
Down potato hill;
In the hills of Carolina
Full of youth's dear joys,
There you'll always find a school of
happy girls and boys.

Our Vision

Fletcher Academy, an independent college preparatory high school founded in 1910, exists to provide a distinctly Seventh-day Adventist education where spiritual development is bolstered with academic rigor, work skills, and character development that challenges our graduates to have a transforming influence in their world as disciples of Jesus.

Our Mission

"Educating for Eternity," Fletcher Academy is dedicated to providing our students with:

  • Spiritual experiences to enable them to become disciples of Jesus.
  • Academic experiences to prepare them for college and career.
  • Service experiences to train them to be productive workers and caring citizens.

Our Goals

Fletcher students will develop a life-long friendship with Jesus Christ and fellow-disciples.
Fletcher students will develop their ability to interrelate with others and to serve others.
Fletcher students will be recognized for academic excellence by preparing all of our students for college and career opportunities.
Fletcher students will learn the skills, values, dignity and rewards of work.
Fletcher students will progress in developing Christian qualities.
Fletcher students will follow plans to positively impact their health and wellness for life.
Fletcher students will be noticeably happy, emotionally stable, and confident.

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