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Dress Standards

As Christians we desire to draw attention to Christ rather than to ourselves. Therefore, students should be dressed appropriately for the occasion in clothing that is modest, fits properly and is in good repair. To assist students in their choices for dress and grooming, the following guidelines are provided. It is at the sole discretion of a teacher, work supervisor, or administrator as to whether or not a student’s clothing is appropriate for the occasion. General guidelines to follow are:
  • Undergarments should not be visible at any time.
  • Spandex/elastic style shorts, pants, skirts and dresses, or other extremely tight clothing, is not to be worn as an outer layer of clothing, which may include "skinny jeans" and denim material leggings. Additionally, tank tops must not be excessively loose and can only be worn for athletic purposes.
  • T-shirts that have been cut/altered may not be worn at any time.
  • Clothing which bears inappropriate words, pictures, insignias, devalues life and/or is contrary to Christian living is prohibited.
  • Students’hairstyles should be neat, clean, and not distracting with unusual styles and cuts and/or unnatural hair colors. A student will be given one week after a Referral to remove/fix the distracting or unnatural hair color or additional Conduct Points will be given. Guys’ haircuts should be above the eyes, ears and collar. Guys will be given one week after a Referral to get an appropriate haircut or additional Conduct Points will be given.
  • Guys may not wear any accessories in their hair at any time.
  • All swimwear should be modest and one piece.
  • When jeans are permitted, they are to be in good repair having no rips or tears and should not be tight-fitting (ie. skinny jeans).
  • Headgear, bandanas, baggy pants, and other clothing related to gang activities are not to be worn.
  • Head-covering of any kind (ie. bandanas, hats, do-rags, beanies, etc.) should not be worn in the ad building, cafeteria, church, or chapel regardless of gender.
  • Sunglasses are not to be worn indoors.
  • For health and safety reasons, shoes/sandals are to be worn at all times.
  • Only clear or white French tip fingernail polish is acceptable.
  • Jewelry is not to be worn. Watches may be worn on the wrist. Only a cloth lanyard may be used to hold a student’s key/keycard. Girls may keep a simple elastic hair tie(manufactured for the purpose of securing hair) around their wrist to pull hair back as necessary. A fitness wearable is permitted to be worn on the wrist, but no other accessory is allowed on the wrists, fingers, ankles, neck, ears (including spacers), toes or any other place jewelry is usually or unusually worn.
  • Body art in any form (done by the student themselves or someone else) is not permitted.
  • Girls may not wear dresses that are shorter than the top of the knee, bare midriffs, low front or back necklines, strapless dresses/tops, sheer or see-through clothing, and tank tops with large arm openings.
  • Shorts must be modest and are required to have a minimum 6” inseam. Shorts may be worn to the cafeteria outside of the academic setting for supper, unless specifically stated otherwise.
  • Pajamas or any sleep attire (including slippers) are not permitted to be worn except in the dormitories.
Different occasions call for different types of dress: what a person wears to work may not be considered appropriate for the classroom or recreation, and what a person wears for recreation is not generally considered appropriate for formal occasions. On certain occasions, clothing appropriate for the activity will be designated. However, there are certain general guidelines for certain types of activities which students need to remember.

Banquet Attire

Female students are allowed to wear modest gowns as approved by the dress committee. Tight, clingy or revealing dresses will not be considered modest. They should not show cleavage in the front and cannot be lower than the natural bra line in the back. All dresses should have at least a 1½-inch strap or be worn with an attached non-sheer cover-up at all times. No halter top styles will be permitted. Slits cannot be more than 2 inches above the knee when sitting and at knee level when standing. Female students are allowed to wear dress pants to banquets.

Church Dress

Ladies: The Girls’ Dorm dress code has been developed with the understanding that the way we dress may communicate messages about our values. Because we desire our young ladies to portray Christian values we ask that all girls’ dorm residents have their clothes approved prior to leaving the dorm for vespers/church. Therefore, prior to exiting 32 the dorm, the girls should be dressed appropriately in clothing that is modest, fits properly, and follows these guidelines: Female dorm students are to wear modest church dresses. Sleeveless (to the edge of the shoulder) dresses or shirts may be worn as long as they are not immodest. Tight, clingy, or revealing dresses will not be considered modest such as tight “Pencil Skirts”. They should not show cleavage in the front and cannot be lower than the natural bra line in the back. The length of the girls’ skirts is to be to the top of the knee when standing or sitting, with the exception of the straight/”Pencil Skirts" which must come below the knee. Slits on the side are to be no higher than the knee. Slits on the back need to be modest (subject to dean approval). Shoes/sandals/boots are required footwear for church. Upon approval by the Girls’ Dean, young ladies may wear appropriate dress pants to Church when the temperature is 25° F or colder.

Gentlemen: Dress pants and a collared tucked-in dress shirt with a tie. Young men may choose, but are not required, to wear a sweater, suit, or dress jacket with the shirt and tie. Dress shoes are appropriate footwear for church. In order to sit with the dorm students during the church service, community students must be dressed according to the academy’s policies. Since lunch immediately follows church, students eating Sabbath dinner in the cafeteria are expected to remain in Church Dress.

Vespers Dress

Vespers Dress will follow the same as Church Dress except ladies may wear dress pants and gentlemen are not required to wear a tie.

Chapel Attire

Chapel Attire will be required for Chapel days as well as other special occasions. All apparel must be purchased from the school designated supplier.
Young Men: Khaki pants, white oxford (tucked in), and navy vest
Young Ladies: Khaki pants/khaki or plaid skirt, white oxford (tucked in), and navy vest

School Dress

All students are expected to be within the dress code when they begin their first day of school. All school attire must be purchased from the school designated supplier (See link at top of page).
Shirts – Polo shirts are embroidered with the FA logo. Students will be permitted to wear their approved FA school shirts from previous school years, provided the shirts are in good repair. Layered items should not be seen below the FA school shirt or vest hemline at any time. FA Oxfords should be buttoned for modesty regardless of layered garments worn. Polos should not be tied or knotted in the back, side or front.
Pants – Docker-style pants in guys and girls styles are the only approved pants and must be purchased from the school designated supplier. Pants cannot be cargo in style and must fit properly (not sagging or too tight) and should not be rolled or cuffed.
Skirts – Young ladies may wear skirts (navy, khaki, or plaid) purchased from the school designated supplier instead of pants to school. Skirts must be to the top of the knee while sitting and standing. Stockings, socks, and leggings should be beige, white or blue color to match/coordinate with the skirts.
Other – Young men may wear Bermuda shorts purchased from the school designated supplier. Young ladies may wear capris purchased from the school designated supplier. Pants, shorts, capris and skirts should not be rolled or cuffed.
Shoes - Shoes must be clean and neat. Accepted styles for classes are casual dress, appropriate sneakers and sandals.
Jackets/Hoodies – The only outer wear garments allowed to be worn over the school polo would be from an FA organization, or a jacket, sweater or hoodie with an FA logo on it. Non-FA hoodies, sweaters, etc. may not be worn in the classrooms during class.

  • All students enrolled in a physical education class will be required to wear the PE uniform as specified by the teacher.
  • All students are to follow the preceding guidelines when attending any school-sponsored activity, unless specified otherwise. School attire is required in the cafeteria for weekday lunches as well, unless the student is coming from work or is going to work directly from lunch.
  • Students are permitted to wear modest jeans in good repair (no holes) with their school polos on days when a break begins or on snow days (delay start).


  • T-shirts must follow the guidelines above.
  • Modest tank tops (1-1/2” strap or wider) can be worn while participating in intramurals or in approved fitness-related activities.
  • Shorts must be modest and are required to have a minimum 6” inseam.
  • Jeans, warm-ups, sweats, and hats are acceptable for recreation.
  • While participating in recreational activities, appropriate safety equipment will be worn.

Dress Code Violation

The following consequences will result each time a student violates the dress code:
  • First offense for the semester—Warning/referral given for 2 Conduct points. Student sent to change, if necessary.
  • Second offense for the semester—Referral and 4 Conduct points. Student sent to change, if necessary.
  • Third offense for the semester—Referral and 8 Conduct points. Student sent to change, if necessary.

Our Vision

Fletcher Academy, an independent college preparatory high school founded in 1910, exists to provide a distinctly Seventh-day Adventist education where spiritual development is bolstered with academic rigor, work skills, and character development that challenges our graduates to have a transforming influence in their world as disciples of Jesus.

Our Mission

"Educating for Eternity," Fletcher Academy is dedicated to providing our students with:

  • Spiritual experiences to enable them to become disciples of Jesus.
  • Academic experiences to prepare them for college and career.
  • Service experiences to train them to be productive workers and caring citizens.

Our Goals

Fletcher students will develop a life-long friendship with Jesus Christ and fellow-disciples.
Fletcher students will develop their ability to interrelate with others and to serve others.
Fletcher students will be recognized for academic excellence by preparing all of our students for college and career opportunities.
Fletcher students will learn the skills, values, dignity and rewards of work.
Fletcher students will progress in developing Christian qualities.
Fletcher students will follow plans to positively impact their health and wellness for life.
Fletcher students will be noticeably happy, emotionally stable, and confident.

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