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Admissions Process

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Step 1 – Read the Handbook

Read the Student Handbook. Students and parents should familiarize themselves with the Student Handbook to ensure we are providing an environment where the student can thrive, be happy, and be willing to adhere to the policies and standards written in the handbook.

Step 2 – Complete Application

Complete the online application.  To complete the Online Application, you must be able to provide 3 references (English and a math teacher as well as an administrator at the school transferring from). In the event your school was small or you were home schooled, just get other non-family members to fill out the recommendation forms. There is a $40 application fee that must be paid online at the end of the application.

Step 3 – Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee will review the application. If the committee determines it would be a good fit to have you join our student body, you will receive an acceptance letter and your application process is complete. You can now begin the enrollment process.

Step 4 – Financial Plan

The Finance Department will be notified of your acceptance. They will begin work on a financial plan for your family and will work until you are comfortable signing and returning the agreed upon financial plan. If feel you may qualify for financial assistance, download and fill out the Student Aid Form. If you think your church might be willing to help sponsor your student, download and have your church fill out and return the Church Matching Application. Please fill these out and send to the finance office so they can be included in your financial plan.

Step 5 – Enrollment Paperwork

Once step 4 is complete, additional information is required prior to full enrollment. Here are some forms that need to be completed or information provided prior to arrival on campus. School Records Release Form and Physical Examination Form (filled out by a physician). You may also follow these links for information on where to get textbooks and uniforms.

Step 6 – Make Payment

Make the first payment. A payment according to your signed financial plan must be paid before a student is considered enrolled. Dorm students must have their “due by registration” payment made before they will be allowed to move in to the dorm. Village students may not attend class until this payment is made.

Step 7 – Enjoy Fletcher Academy

Enjoy your experience at Fletcher Academy. We are looking forward to taking the journey with you.

Late Application/Enrollment

  • Students may only apply up to two weeks after the semester has begun unless they are enrolled in another school at the time of transfer.
  • Late Registration will not take place on the first day of school due to logistical reasons. Late registrants
    must delay registration until at least the second day of the school year.
  • Students may not attend classes until the enrollment process is complete and all required paperwork is submitted.