Course Descriptions

Below are links to subject areas, course descriptions and their credits. Due to class size, some classes may only be offered every other year. We reserve the right to cancel a course offering due to class size. (Click on a course name for a short description and prerequisites if any are required.)
*Dual Credit courses are located at the bottom.

Business Education/Computer

This course teaches development/refinement of basic computer literacy dealing with terminology, computer operations, and ethics. The course includes usage of common applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software. Graphics editing and web developing software will also be taught.
This class is a study of business transactions and their classification in a double-entry system, using manual entry. Students learn the complete accounting cycle for a proprietorship as well as doing accounting for a corporation.


English 1 builds a strong foundation for future learning through a heavy focus on grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing skills. Students will read a variety of selected fiction and nonfiction texts as they learn and practice vital reading strategies that improve reading comprehension and abilities while they learn to analyze and evaluate literature from a Christian perspective. Writing instruction includes developing common skills need for good communication, learning to take effective notes in many different ways, and mastering writing structures needed for future levels of education. Students will maintain & defend a portfolio that evidences growth & mastery of goals in the English content area throughout the year.
English 2 continues to build on the grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing foundation established in English 1. Students will also read a variety of selected fiction and nonfiction texts as they learn more advanced reading strategies analyze/evaluate literature on a deeper level. Writing instruction will include learning to effectively evaluate the credibility of sources while writing an MLA style research paper and continuing to develop previous writing skills, note-taking formats, and writing structures. Students will maintain & defend a portfolio that evidences growth & mastery of goals in the English content area throughout the year.
This course is a study of American authors spanning from the colonization of America to the twentieth century. This study will include fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Skills in drawing inferences, public speaking, extracting themes, and articulating responses to the works studied will be emphasized. Students will refine their skills in composition & will be instructed in the various forms of the 5-paragraph essay. In addition, students will be guided through an extensive research project culminating with a 6-page research paper. Included in this course is a thorough review of grammar, usage, and rhetoric in preparation for the ACT.
English 4 continues to incorporate grammar and vocabulary, but the greatest focus is on reading, and writing. Students will also read a survey of fiction and nonfiction texts chosen from British literature. Writing instruction will be heavily focused on mastering essay formats and MLA style research papers and note-taking. English 4 also has a focus on college prep skills like time management and good study habits and career prep such as creating resumes and learning how to interview for a job. Students will maintain & defend a portfolio that evidences growth & mastery of goals in the English content area throughout the year. (available for 3 hours of college comp 101 credit)
Fletcher Academy offers ESL coursework for international students who want to study in the United States. The ESL program strives to help these students become more fluent in English. Students will also be enrolled in other courses in the regular curriculum. Placement in ESL courses will be determined by the ESL Director.

Fine Arts

This course provides students with an opportunity to experience many different artistic mediums and techniques. It allows students a chance to experiment with these processes and materials to find ones that fit their style. It enables students to work with professional artists and people who create art for a hobby. Special attention will be given to discovering how art enhances our lives.
The Concert Band is available by audition to all students. Sacred and secular music from various styles and periods are included in concert repertoire. The grade is based on individual performance and progression. Attendance is required at performances and rehearsals, including dress rehearsals.
The Concert Choir is available to all students who meet minimum audition requirements. The chosen choral repertoire is designed to develop in students a sense of spiritual commitment, to enhance their vocal abilities and develop their musical talents. Sacred and secular choral literature is included in concerts and programs. Attendance is required at performances and rehearsals, including dress rehearsals.
A select ensemble designed to challenge those who are capable of and interested in studying and performing more advanced ensemble literature. Music ability, enthusiasm for playing and a demonstrated spirit of cooperation are vital for membership in this group. Admission to this group requires a commitment for the entire year. Strict attendance at rehearsals and performances is required.
The String Ensemble is available by audition to all students. Due to the level of music performed, a minimum of two years string instrument study is recommended prior to enrollment. Both sacred and secular music from various styles and periods are included in the concert repertoire. The grade is based on individual progression, attitude and performance. Attendance is required at performan ces and rehearsals, including dress rehearsals.

Foreign Language

Spanish I includes the study of the fundamentals of grammar with elementary conversation, reading and writing of simple materials, plus a brief overview of Spanish civilization and customs.
Spanish II includes a review and continuing study of the fundamentals of Spanish grammar, conversation, and writing; a survey of Spanish civilization and customs; plus brief writing assignments. Audio and video programs produced by native Spanish speakers amplify the printed material.


This course provides a foundation for higher mathematics. Topics covered include solving one and two variable equations, graphing of linear and quadratic functions, solving systems of equations and inequalities, and factoring.
This course continues the students’ study of advanced algebraic concepts including functions, polynomials, rational expressions, complex numbers, systems of equations and inequalities, matrices, probability, and sequences and series. Emphasis is placed on practical applications and modeling. Prerequisite: Algebra I.
This course in Euclidean geometry covers definitions, theorems, and postulates with its customary emphasis on logic and deductive proofs. Additionally, it includes many concrete applications to real-life situations. A sufficient amount of algebra is included to maintain basic skills. Prerequisite: Algebra I.
This course is the sequel to Algebra II. It covers the concepts of trigonometry, analytic geometry, advanced algebra topics, sequences and series. Because of limited enrollment, the prospective student must have earned a “B” or better in Algebra II. (available for 5 hours of dual college credit)
Prerequisite: “B” in Pre-calculus. The course will emphasize the use of technology in studying differential and integral calculus of the elementary functions including limits, continuity, derivatives, and computation of derivatives, applications of the derivative, the definite integral, the fundamental theorem of calculus, computation of anti-derivatives, and applications of the definite integral.

Physical Education

This is an introductory class to fitness and team sports. Importance and improvement in fitness are stressed. Skills, rules, and strategies of team sports will be covered (volleyball, basketball, etc.). Provisions will be made for those students whose activities must be restricted. The team sports covered in this class are the same sports used in the Academy’s intramural program. A $60.00 uniform fee needs to be paid at registration for students enrolled in the Physical Education classes. This fee cannot be added to the student’s school bill.
A theory course covering principles and practices that are pertinent to the student now and in the future. Knowledge and practices peculiar to Seventh-day Adventists will be covered. Topics of study include basic anatomy and physiology, personal hygiene, the systems of the body, nutrition, exercise, mental health, social health, diseases and disorders, substance abuse, environmental and public health, safety and first aid.
A touring team designed to enhance the student’s skills in gymnastics and sport acrobatics, promote school spirit, facilitate public relations, and promote a healthy lifestyle. Admission is by audition and evaluation by the instructor. Being a member of the gymnastic team can require a significant investment. A new member may be required to pay up to $400 for uniform rental, shoes, warm-ups, etc., and these charges cannot be put on the school bill. (Please talk with the gymnastics coach at registration for payment information.) All gymnastic participants will be required to submit proof of personal medical insurance at registration before participating in any gymnastics class or program.
A two-semester introductory class to dual and individual (lifetime) sports (i.e. golf, tennis, badminton, bowling, racquetball and pickle ball). Skills, rules, and strategies will be covered. Provisions will be made for those whose activities may be restricted. (Class Cost: $30/semester and the P.E. Uniform: $60.00 which needs to be paid for at registration and cannot be added to the student’s bill.)


This class provides an in-depth look at who God is, the gift of salvation through Christ Jesus, and the creation of the world. It offers studies in God’s character, the life of Christ and His ministry on earth as seen in the Gospels, and a look through the creation story as well as the lives of several of the early patriarchs of the Bible as found in the book of Genesis. It also offers students a chance to connect to their heavenly Father through in-depth Bible study, peer interaction, and a safe environment to further their journey with God.
This class examines the development of God’s church through the book of Exodus, Acts, and the Middle Ages, and culminates with the establishment of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
This course will allow the student to grapple with core fundamental beliefs as held by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and be able to see how each belief gives a piece of a puzzle for a clearer picture of God and His character of love. The student will also learn how to inductively study through the books of Romans, Daniel and Revelation. Romans will explore the lavish gift of God’s grace given to both Jew and Gentile. Daniel and Revelation will provide an opportunity to study end-time prophecies and unfold some implications for the times in which we live. Throughout the year, in each study Jesus will be lifted up as the center of all hope.
This class studies the sanctuary and the meaning of symbols as found in the book of Hebrews as well as the biblical principles of marriage and family. Emphasis is given to developing a meaningful devotional life. World views and religions are also covered.


This class offers a study of our planet, the processes that change it and the universe around it. Areas of study include cartography, meteorology, and geology. Some comparison between creation and evolutionary theories is included.
This is a study of living organisms from the simplest to most complex. Areas of study include ecology, cells, genetics, microbiology, classification, and discussions comparing creation and evolution. Labs are included.
This course is an introduction to the general principles of chemistry and physics. Some laboratory experience with opportunities for hands-on activities will be included. The practical applications of scientific thought and principles are emphasized. Scientific evidences of God’s existence and power in the natural world are unveiled.
Prerequisite: C or better in Algebra I. Co-requisite: must have completed or be enrolled in Algebra 2. This class deals with the structure and composition of substances, the changes in composition and the mechanisms by which those changes occur. Labs are included.
Prerequisite: B- (80% or better) in Algebra II. This laboratory class deals with matter and energy and their interactions in the field of mechanics, acoustics, optics, heat, electricity, magnetism, radiation, atomic structure, and nuclear phenomena.
Prerequisite: B in Biology or Chemistry. This class is a comprehensive study of the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Areas of study include cells, tissues, skin, and skeletal, muscular, nervous, sensory, and endocrine systems. Labs are included. (available for 3 hours of dual college credit)

Social Studies

This course is a comprehensive study of the past, considering the origin and growth of Western Civilization and its place in the world. Students are introduced to cultural, economic, political and social developments that played a fundamental role in shaping the world in which they now live. Special emphasis is given to the origin of Christianity and its role in shaping history.
This course covers the survey of U. S. history from Native Americans through the present with emphasis on social, economic, and political history. The student should leave with a better sense of the richness and diversity that has made our country what it is today.
This one-semester course covers the basics of the unique American system of government. The student will explore such themes as principles of origins of the U.S. government and how the branches and divisions operate. It is designed to help the student become an informed citizen.
This one-semester course is a survey of the American Free Enterprise System. It explores such themes as the great depression, unemployment, deflation and inflation, business and labor, the effects of government spending on taxes, the stock market, and budgets.

Vocational/Applied Arts

This one-semester introductory course is designed to give the student a basic understanding of the automobile. Main emphasis is given to the internal combustion engine, its components, operation, and service.
Homes are in constant need of upkeep and repair which can be costly. This one-semester lab course is designed to give the students the skills and techniques needed to maintain, repair and make improvements on their own. These skills include carpentry, masonry, plumbing, and electricity to name a few. This is also an opportunity to introduce the student to many potential career options.
The purpose of this course is to increase student knowledge and ability in skills necessary for everyday living. Topics included will be self-assessment relating to others, post-secondary education, career testing and exploration, employment, consumerism, money management, housing, food marketing and preparation, clothing choices and care. This course gives the type of knowledge needed by everyone for everyday living.

Our Vision

Fletcher Academy, an independent college preparatory high school founded in 1910, exists to provide a distinctly Seventh-day Adventist education where spiritual development is bolstered with academic rigor, work skills, and character development that challenges our graduates to have a transforming influence in their world as disciples of Jesus.

Our Mission

"Educating for Eternity," Fletcher Academy is dedicated to providing our students with:

  • Spiritual experiences to enable them to become disciples of Jesus.
  • Academic experiences to prepare them for college and career.
  • Service experiences to train them to be productive workers and caring citizens.

Our Goals

Fletcher students will develop a life-long friendship with Jesus Christ and fellow-disciples.
Fletcher students will develop their ability to interrelate with others and to serve others.
Fletcher students will be recognized for academic excellence by preparing all of our students for college and career opportunities.
Fletcher students will learn the skills, values, dignity and rewards of work.
Fletcher students will progress in developing Christian qualities.
Fletcher students will follow plans to positively impact their health and wellness for life.
Fletcher students will be noticeably happy, emotionally stable, and confident.

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